Run for ALD

Dedicated to Finding a Cure for Adrenoleukodystrophy

Join Taylor's Team of Youth Volunteers to Help Find a Cure for ALD

           Hi! I'm Taylor. My dad was diagnosed with ALD when I was three years old. He was a great dad and a man who was always helping other people. Before he died, my dad created the Run for ALD. I am continuing his effort to raise awareness of ALD and money for ALD research. I want to help find a cure for ALD so no one else will ever have to suffer like he did, and so no other families will have to lose a son, brother or father to this horrible disease. 

       Please help me make a difference. Join me and the other junior volunteers in helping to find a cure for ALD. There are plenty of ways you can help.  Sponsor this year's fundraiser, donate a prize, or get people to sponsor you to bowl. Click HERE for more ways you can help!  Thank you for your support and see you in March!!

If you are a teen age or young adult ALD carrier and would like to meet other young carriers, receive up-to-date medical information and research pertaining to ALD carriers, or join other carriers in advocating for ALD newborn screening and other issues, please click HERE.